The perfect heal

With depth, and eternal light
the sorrow pours over me.
Who can pull away this veil
that no longer lets me see?
The pefect heal, eyes closed
all and all, life is the fee.


6 thoughts on “The perfect heal

  1. Too sad for me.
    A gothic feel. I shiver at the change in voice.
    I feel sad now 😦
    Clever man!

  2. leo2all says:

    Its a poem i wrote as an inspiration for a short story i’m outlining. Sorry if it was a little dark, but the main character in the story is dealing with the predicament of the perfect heal…

  3. Fascinating stuff – I love that you write a poem to help outline! Can’t wait to see the short story … you will be blogging about it won’t you! (she says in a stern voice). And don’t apologise for being dark … you read my site! I DO dark!

  4. leo2all says:

    very true….okay, no more apologies, I promise. And I guess I will blogging the short story…lol
    It’s interesting because in this characters mind there is only one option to his pain. What he considers the perfect heal. I don’t agree, but who am I to argue with his feelings.
    I’m working on putting up my site, which will feature an excerpt from my newly finished novel. We shall see…

  5. I look forward to the site – getting working harder!
    Great that the character is taking over your mind …. hmmmmm ….

  6. Marie says:

    That’s a good idea, Leo – writing a poem to help outline your short story. I look forward to reading it.

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