This morning, in my bed…

As I struggled to keep myself from falling, the edge of the mattress cut off the circulation to my legs.  The fan spun mercilessly above me, blowing cold air against my uncovered back.  What is going on?  As I pull on the cover, I feel the tug back, and a small elbow crushes the back of my neck.

I lift my head and look around, only to be met by hair.  Lots of hair.  I immediately realize what has happened.  I try to push her towards her mother, but she squirms closer to my side. 

My daughter.  Crawled into bed without waking us, and now fights for her spot in between us.  I dread this, it causes me to lose sleep.  I rise to lift her up and carry her back to bed.  Its where she needs to be, its her own place.  She was invading mine.  Before I do, I momentarily stroke her hair, which covers her face.  She smiles in her dreams and places her tiny fists under her chin.  As I pull her close, I can only smile.  I used to do it, and I’m sure my wife did as well.  I arrange the covers around her shoulders and fold my pillow in half.

She feels safe with us.  Warm with us.  And for now, that’s enough for me…


5 thoughts on “This morning, in my bed…

  1. Sharon J says:

    Children are masters at getting what they want – they’re just too adorable at times to refuse 🙂

  2. leo2all says:

    Yeah…I can atest to that.

  3. My daughter climbs into our bed every morning at 6am, just as her daddy gets up. I love her smell, I love her warmth and mostly I love that she needs me so much.
    These moments last for such a very short time. It’s a pleasure to read about someone else’s child and then to remember just how lucky I am.
    thanks x

  4. leo2all says:

    We are lucky! Thanks for stopping by…

  5. […] Having read Leo’s post about his daughter climbing into bed with him, I couldn’t help thinking about my own kids and how their needs have changed as they’ve grown. […]

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