Friday is HERE!!  Finally.  Isn’t amusing that as soon as Monday hits, we start our countdown to the weekend.  And for what?  Friday brings casual days and junk food dinners.  Followed by pancakes in the morning, playing with the kids, quality time at home, and maybe if you time it right a good book. 

Sunday sees you bright and early and depending on your pleasure, either the morning paper will greet you or morning worship.  Followed by an afternoon of football, a good movie and finally carrying the kids to bed.

I can’t wait…


4 thoughts on “YEA!!!

  1. Lisa says:

    nice sentiment going into the weekend. Thanks for stoping by my blog.

  2. Sharon J says:

    For those of us who work from home, weekends aren’t much different to the rest of the week. Today I have to go to town to buy rain jackets then shall be making a pizza for when teenage daughter’s boyfriend comes to tea. Then it’ll be an hour of TV before I get back to work. Tomorrow? Who knows. Maybe I’ll just stay in bed!

  3. leo2all says:

    Staying in bed sounds absolutely wonderful, especially if its raining.
    Today was interesting, not only did i spend the day with my daughters, but i found a great little spot with the best wings. I can still taste them…

  4. Bobbie Jo says:

    Well Leo I see things have not changed much on a Friday around there. LOL I take it you were not having a good day on Friday. I do agree with the other comment. If you work from home every night and all weekend long its not much of a weekend like I used to. So I would look at the words as this is a man that is rich in his families love. What you do have is time to be with your family. Some families dont get that. But I enjoyed it I looked at the words from inside that room.

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