Today’s Take…

There are moments in our lives when we need to step back and assess where we stand.  Really take a look at where we are, and where we are going.  These pauses in our breakneck lives allow us to readjust our thoughts, our paths, our lives so we don’t head down the wrong road.  It allows us a glimpse of foresight, instead of walking blindly into everything life throws at us.

I had reached a crossroads like that almost a year ago, and honestly its where Im still standing.  Decisions in life are never easy, especially those tightly bound with family and emotion.  Most of us go through life, living not on our own, but attached to everyone around us.  Those who decide to live as they please, to make their own decisions, are met with persecution and angst.  Especially from those they love the most.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Take…

  1. Sharon J says:

    Yepp, it certainly is difficult when there are others’ feelings and needs to be taken into consideration. I’ve pretty much been a “go with the wind” kind of person and my family, luckily, have accepted that, but I’ve slowed down somewhat as I got older and the children needed more stability.

  2. leo2all says:

    You have been so lucky to have a family that understand. Most of us don’t.

  3. Sharon J says:

    Perhaps you’ve chosen to be amongst people who don’t really suit your personality? Just a guess, obviously.

  4. leo2all says:

    That is definitely a possibility.

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