Traffic moved slowly, as the lifted gray clouds began to drizzle.  The miniscule drops, falling as slow as the snow, landing and staining the windshields, halting commuters, seemingly stopping the movement.  As the red lights burned before me, I wondered what was it about the rain that caused everything to move so slow.  The wipers smeared the water across my dirty glass causing me to strain through the streaks.

Let’s go!  The wipers seemed to agree.  The rain began falling harder, splashing and exploding on the hood and the roof of my car.  I looked over at the clock radio.

Damn Rain!  Im gonna be late…


2 thoughts on “Slow…

  1. monchster says:

    Why exactly is it that the rain slows us down so!?!? When we see that it is raining out, what is our first inclination? Isn’t it to stay in bed, cuddled in our sheets, where it is nice and warm?

    Our employers should make rainy days, holidays!!!!\

    I would love that….


  2. leo2all says:

    i couldn’t agree more!

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