My Cousin

I received one of the most disturbing calls on Thursday night.  My cousins 2 year old daughter drowned in their family pool.  I cant tell you the grief and shock that shook through my core as I heard my mothers exasperated voice on the phone.  It threw my familys life in an uproar this weekend, and I didnt sleep for three days.

All I kept thinking about was my cousin.  How was she feeling? What was she feeling?  Inadequate?  Guilty?  I cant begin to imagine how much her soul must hurt.  I wanted to call her, I wanted to show her that I cared, that I was thinking about her.  But I felt guilty.  Guilty because I still had my two children and she had lost one of hers.  What could I say to make her feel better?

And then it occured to me.  In a moment of grief, you’re not looking to feel better.  Just to be understood.  To be cared for.  I knew there was nothing I could have done or said that would fill that void she now had in her life.  But I could show her I cared.  I could convey to her that she was loved and cried and thought about, during this difficult time.

Cousin, this is for you.  For your beautiful daughter.  We love you, we care and we’re here.


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